11 June 2011

Poasts far betwheen.

omg i feal lyke a loosir. :(

l8ly all my "frends" hav been gowin out to pubs n club n shit whil i hav benn stuk at coles servin customars n i hav benn akkin lyke a spoyld brat. pissis me of.

take tonihte as exhampel. a friend said i shood cum a long to anotha frends goin a way prty n lyke they r go in to urope 4 2 munths. big woop urope is full of foran ppl eww, ne way, i askd her what she waz doin tonit n sh said nothin, just hvn dinna with family. ne way l8r on facebok she sends a whal phost on facebok about to nit n wat time ppl wer comin.

fuck u bitch, hope u get rapd by harry wogs whil in urope n u make da newspappers ova here. slut.

ne way, i hav been cuttin myself l8ly too so i can pheal sumthin just sumthin good wil do.

im gonna cut myself sum mor naow.

07 March 2011

Do ppl stil reed dis?

Boi haz it been a wile sins i last posttd. lol. dus ne 1 stil reed mi blog? its lyke i jus woke up from a comma or sumthng. lol well if neone still dos <3

02 March 2008


OMG!!!!! I am bak! i hav misd u internet i hav misd u blog n most inportntlee i hav misd u, my readrs. XXX *mwah*

as u myte guest from da title i hav ben travlng 4 da last yr n it has ben fun. it waz gonna be just 4 a munf then it turnd 2 2 thn 3 thn 4 thn 5 thn OMG a hole yr!!!

ive been back for 2 weaks now n everythin has chagd so much sice I hav been bak. I lst 20kilos! Casey wll be so jelus off me whn i go to coles tonite to flaunt my new hott body! LOLS!

so wear did i go 4 a hole yr? I startd my trip hitchhikn to mt isa 4 no good reason. well achtuly it waz cause fabian said he waz gonna get marrid to his gf after he turnd 18 n i will admit it i waz in luv wif him, an he said he had ben in luv wif me whn we wer 15 howevr he dint lyke tht i slept wif randomz for booz mony n dat he felt liyk i waznt gona change ne tym soon. dis got me realy upset n i turnd emo n waz gona kilmyself but i dint i told skeetz n mum dat i waz goin to vist Raynbow in mt isa i dunno if i postd about her but she movd to mt isa whn we wer in grade 4, me n her were da bestest friends 4 ever, n she came back in 2006, but moved back to mt isa at the end of 2006 caus her dad had the canca in his liva n skin dat was metasisised 2 his lungs n shit. she waz really upset caus she lost her mum to teh canca too in 2003. i wnted to be there 4 her but most inportantlee be awy frm fabian cause i waz 2 upset 2 deal wif him.

i stayd in mt isa 4 3 munfs cause raynbows dad died not long afta we got there da hole time i was ther 4 her. howeva i had to come back but i had no money :( so i hitchhikd back. da long way. LOLS.

i mangd to get down 2 melborn wher i tried to ctch up wif sum blogar lyke hambo, but no one had spare time. :( so i hed back up norf bck home. n u no wat. its hrd 2 travl wif no money.

howeva i stil had my smokin hot body ;)

i wood set out on my trips to da hiway or da main road wearin my short denim supre skirts n wait 4 a lift, when i wood get 1 it waz always da same

wher r u goin?

wat is a prety thing lyke u doin hicthhikn?

sam old questions, howevr whn they woul ask wha i do 4 money i wold reach ova to the driva n rub his crotch n say dat i do what i hav to.

i got fuked so much on my trip! i think i hav sen more coc in the last yr than i hav in my life. oh n cum in nsw tastes diff from cum in queensland lols. on day a truk driva picked me up n we stopd at a truk stop wher we wer goin 4 it in da bathrooms, den some more trukies cam in in more ways than one ;)

i evn had my first lezbean expeiranc 2 it was june n i waz walk alon a dirt rd to quilpie n a womn in a 4 whel driv stop n gav me a lift 2 quilpie. i ended back at her plac as i didnt hav a plac to stay n she had a spar room. i hav 2 say it was a intrestin first lezbean incouta. we wer watcn tv n sh slipd her han up my skir n my first reachton was 2 hold he han n rub myslf wif it, n it felt good thn i remembrd dat it was a femal hand,i almos got up n ran out, but i wz getin wet n i neded a cock how evar 1 waz at hand, afta havin her eat me out n fingarin me, she strapd on a dildo! OMG it felt so good, then she wntd me to fuk her so i strpd on da cock and fukd her. i waz werd. but it waz fun. da next day she drove me to charleville wher she got us a room fuked sum more befor she left i stayd ther for a few mor nites havng sex with randomz at the pub before getin a lift furthr down south.

neway, i hav so much mor to tel, howeva dis is da most i eva riten so i will tel sum mor storis soon.

luv tanya

11 January 2007


OMG i got my ragz last nite! i cant beliv how happy i am 2 hav my period. when i woke up this mornin i kood feel that ther was sumpin dry n crusty between my legs it was mostly dried blood wich was eww but also yay! guess im not preggers! so tonite me n skeets are going drinkin if i can drag her away from her bf for 2 sekonds.

10 January 2007


hello beutifule pepole itz me tanz! I have been havin da best time eva, i just got bak from da gold coast with luke. i met him on new year eavein da city n he asked if i wanted to goto da gold coast with him and sum of his mates. i of corse said yes as i had nothin betta to do.

it was da best holidey i hav had in a long time. me n luke had sex every day too cause he was really hot. a coupl of days i sayed in the flat with some of his mate while he went surfing, and i got my brains fucked out LOLS it was the best!

im a bit worried as im late at the moment. i don't want to end up like that fat mole that i work with at coles. I know you read my blog bitch when i get my rags back im going to stick my pad on ya locker. you fukin slut.

neway Skeets is moving out with her bf that she met last month she sez its really serius and she is deeplie in luv with shane i dun belive in luv like that i belive in lust and passion of da moment i koodnt live every day off my life wit just 1 man, but hoo nos i cood wke up tomorow n run into my sol mate.

19 November 2006

sexy bac

lolz my mum iz such a ideot cuse she fergot 2 pay da phon bill n i hvnt hd da net 4 munths lolz

OMG OMG I WILL B 18 I JUST OVA 2 MUNTHS!!! HOW KEWL IZ DAT?!?!!! I WILL b ABL 2 BYE MY OWN GROG N DO STUFF WITHOUT MY MUM CUMMIN DOWN ON ME!!!! Whn i turn 18, me n skeetz are gonna move out 2geta n itz gona be teh funnest tyme eva. im gonna b abl 2 hav guyz ova all da tyme! gurl powa lolz @ da spic gurlz!!!! i usd 2 lyk thm when i waz a kid lolz

so wat hav i been up 2? da last cupple off munths i hav bean doin sumpthink calle dawgin, well dat iz wat i waz told it waz. i thnk it waz septmba wen me n skeetz wnt to kedro park 2 drink sum meth wen we notic sum carz parked n ppl lokin into one wit its lite on. i went up to it n notic dat ther wer 4 ppl havn sex in the car, sum of the guys look in wer playin wit thir cocks. well one thin led to anotha n waz a godd nite. one of da guys dat fuked me said dat it hapens a fair bit n the next week it waz gonna be at banyo pak. dat waz a good spot cuz its rite nex to da train staton!

howeva zhak didnt wnt me to bring skeetz caus she didnt join in n jut bitched to me the entire tim. wel skeetz if you got sum cock ratha thn wait for dan to giv u his thn u wood be hapy so i went da next week n it waz fuckn awsom. i even got 2 play wit my first leZbean!! it was kewl! i dont rely think she was lez caus sh liked cock in her pussy n lezez dont like cock so i think she waz two-way or sumpthink. lolz

so yeah evry week i get a txt about a new spot 4 dawgin cauz i think dat the ppl dat do it a scrd off da copz bustin thm 4 sex in pubic. rotflol

neway now tht i hav the fon bak on n got teh net 2 i shood be postin more

love u all!!!!

02 July 2006

goin down

heya sexy peeps. lols iz me tanya here today!

wat a nite i had last nite, me n skeets went to da park to drink sum beam, it waz really gr8. round 8 3 guyz roked up in 2 rely hott comadoors wit really good muzic cummin out of dem.

LOLS sho me ya grillz yall! LOLZ

neway ther waz diz 1 guy dat waz particalilly hott i think hiz nam was dimeartree or somethink i dun no. so we waz talkin n he was talkin bout all da girls he had been wit n how he lykd da sex but he waz a fan of da blo jobs. so neway i askd him how ofen he got blo jobs he said it was lyke not as much as da sex, so i asked him if he wood lyke one i could alredy tell by da hrd on i could see in hiz pants. so while skeets was out in da park wit da otha two guys i went down on dimeartrees dick n five minutes latr he finished it off by blowin in my mouth n i washd it down with some beam.

when i got out off da comadoor skeets pointed to her moth n i gust grined but she den yelled dat i still had some spof on my lips. evry one lafted, i didnt as wen i chekd in da mirrer thr wasnt ne spof. she can be a bich sum timez. dimeartree n his mates den left n so did me n skeets.